Budget, Development Projects & Economic Indicators to be Highlighted at Annual Address

Budget, Development Projects & Economic Indicators to be Highlighted at Annual Address



Sandy Frum, Northbrook Village President

Northbrook Village President Sandy Frum will highlight business developments, the Village’s economic indicators as well as upcoming projects for 2016 in her annual address to the business community. In addition, President Frum will share her experiences in Springfield and the impacts of state legislative decisions on the Village. Through her efforts as Co-Chair of the Northwest Municipal Conference Legislative Committee, the Village is working with local legislators to mitigate the effects of the State’s financial problems on local municipalities. In addition, President Frum will discuss the Village’s budget and provide a framework of comparisons and share insights on local economic trends. She will also share her observations of the recent emergency preparedness exercise hosted by Northbrook. The full scale exercise was attended by first responders from 18 different public safety agencies and regional partners from around the North Shore. The event was part of preparation efforts for dealing with local large scale emergencies and to practice collaboration between police, fire and other public safety agencies, giving participants an opportunity to assess and improve their preparedness, response and recovery plans.

A resident of Northbrook for nearly 38 years, Frum was first elected Village President in April 2009, and re-elected to a second term in 2013. Prior to serving as Village President, Sandy was a Village Trustee for 24 years and chaired the Village’s Administration & Finance Committee. In 2014/15, she also served as President of the Northwest Municipal Conference.&’ type=’text/javascript’>