Businesses Reach Customers Through Live Shop Dine Texts

Businesses Reach Customers Through Live Shop Dine Texts

Participation continues to expand for the Live Shop Dine Northbrook mobile text program, and eligible businesses in the Village are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free marketing opportunity. Presented as a partnership between the Chamber and the Village, the service allows businesses to share special promotions with a growing subscriber base.

Launched in June, Live Shop Dine Northbrook currently has over 2,650 subscriber households. Each subscriber receives text messages highlighting a major community event, along with a link to a landing page filled with offers from Northbrook retailers and restaurants. Ron Goldblatt, North Shore Loyalty, manages the program and tracks how the traffic is flowing to participating businesses.

“In the short time since our launch, we have had almost 30,000 visits to the landing page and 9500 click-throughs to view individual coupons,” notes Ron. “We’ve seen great interest in the community event announcements, which started with the St. Norbert Block Party and surged when we were able to provide updates on Northbrook Days. We also helped sell the final 150 tickets for Friday Night Flights last month. All those visitors to the landing page had direct exposure to our vendors’ special offers.”

Participation in the program is free of charge and easy to set up for retailers and restaurants with a Northbrook location. More than 75 businesses currently are listed on the program’s landing page. The most-viewed deals offer clear, easy to understand discounts on a business’s best-known products. Some popular offers have included a BOGO free entree at Butterfield’s, a 99 cent sundae at Baskin Robbins, and half-price bottles of wine at House 406.

“We have a number of strategies to keep growing the subscriber base, including sign-up tablets at the Library and Village Hall and a new partnership with North Shore Plus that will connect us to 25,000 more contacts,” says Ron. “This is a great time for businesses to get established with the program leading up to the busy holiday shopping season.”
To set up your free ad, email If you haven’t subscribed to receive messages from Live Shop Dine, simply text NBK to 55678 or click the image above.