Caucus Candidates Named for April Local Elections

Caucus Candidates Named for April Local Elections

Kathryn Ciesla

The value of experience was a recurring theme at the Northbrook Caucus Town Meeting, held virtually on November 15. The meeting of approximately 400 residents approved the nomination of Kathryn Ciesla as Village President, filling the seat of retiring President Sandy Frum. Incumbent Trustees Muriel Collison and Dan Pepoon and community volunteer Joy Ebholmeilen complete the slate for the Village Board.  Click here for a full list of Caucus-slated candidates including nominees for Village Clerk and for the Park District, Library, and District 27 and 28 Boards.

The Northbrook Caucus, according to its website, is a non-partisan volunteer organization that recruits, interviews, and endorses candidates for election to municipal office. The Town Meeting is the last of a series of sessions in which potential candidates are vetted by subcommittees, recommendations are reviewed by the Caucus Committee of the Whole, and a slate is presented for approval.  At the Town Meeting, nominations were made from the floor for additional candidates to the Village Board and the Park District, but each of those nominations lost in the general voting.

In statements during the meeting, several incumbent candidates remarked on the importance of maintaining experienced leadership at a critical time, when a number of longtime Village staff leadership roles would be turning over due to retirements.  Other Trustees who are not facing reelection in 2021 reiterated that belief in endorsing the Caucus nominees. Trustee Heather Ross described Muriel Collison and Dan Pepoon’s continuation on the Board as “essential,” and Sandy Frum stated that she supports Collison, Pepoon and Ebholmeilen without reservation.

Trustee Robert Israel, who also had sought the nomination for Village President, praised the Caucus process.  “The Caucus committee did their job diligently,” noted Israel, “representing a wide cross-section of the community.”  He went on to endorse Ciesla’s candidacy.

The actual election for these local boards will take place on April 6, 2021. The Caucus will circulate petitions to place its slated candidates on the ballot and raise funds for their campaigns. Additional candidates may also apply to appear on the ballot by submitting petitions through the Cook County Clerk’s office.