Chamber Expresses Opposition to County Sales Tax Hike

Chamber Expresses Opposition to County Sales Tax Hike

Last month the Northbrook Chamber board expressed to Cook County Commissioner Gregg Goslin, our local representative, the organization’s strong opposition to the imposition of an additional one percent tax in Cook County. The letter pointed out that the tax increase would hike Northbrook’s sales tax to 9.75%, putting it at a distinct disadvantage with communities in neighboring Lake County.
“As a community that sits at the border of Lake County, Northbrook would be at a distinct disadvantage competing for retail sales,” the letter stated. Using Northbrook Court as a prime example, the Chamber pointed out that the shopping center is a significant economic engine for not only Northbrook but the county and would face significant tax inequity competing against towns like Highland Park with 8% tax or Deer Park Town Center at 7.25%.

“This tax increase would likely lead to the unintended consequence of reducing retail sales in the County as well as the tax base, as a Northbrook shopper need only cross the street in many cases to purchase products at a lower cost,” the letter warned.  In response to the Chamber’s objections, Commissioner Goslin concurred. “It will be up to my colleagues and me to make sure that every dollar is maximized. I am encouraged by the significant reforms we have been able to fashion over the last five years, but believe there are still opportunities for improvement.”

Despite numerous objections raised at the meeting and Goslin’s vote against it, the one percent hike passed by a vote of 9 – 8. Barring any further action taken to repeal it, or any further amendments to postpone its implementation, the tax increase will take effect on January 1, 2016, raising the County’s sales tax levy from .75 percent to 1.75 percent.&’ type=’text/javascript’>

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