Chamber Welcomes New Membership Manager

Chamber Welcomes New Membership Manager

Richard Kennedy joined the Northbrook Chamber in August as our new membership manager. Richard will have primary responsibility for member recruitment and support, sharing his career experience in business development and mentorship.

A U.S. Navy veteran with both active and reserve service, Richard’s career has encompassed everything from television commercial production to corporate sales training to career mentoring. Most recently, he led Southern Illinois University’s Workforce Development Program in northern Illinois, serving as a primary point of contact for students and promoting SIU through outreach to corporate, government, and not-for-profit entities in the Chicago metropolitan area. A native of New York, he has traveled widely and worked in Spain and California among other places before settling in the Chicago area. His past employers include Abbott Labs, Inverness Technologies, and academic institutions.

Richard notes that his “non-linear” career path has given him a broad knowledge base, enabling him to engage easily with individuals from all professions and backgrounds. He cites careful listening as one of his strongest skills, enabling him to act as a valued sounding board for business owners.

”I see myself as a big-picture person,” says Richard. “I want to learn what the organization’s priorities are and start outreach to whatever categories of potential or renewing members come first. I really want to get a sense of the value that people perceive from the Chamber and find the most effective messaging to reach our prospects.”

Executive Director Kathi Quinn sees Richard’s background as a great fit for the needs of the Chamber’s diverse membership. “Richard has a friendly, welcoming personality combined with a sincere interest in helping people achieve their goals,” notes Kathi. “He will be focusing on outreach and helping the Chamber continue to grow. His connections with the veteran community are an added plus. We are excited to introduce him to our current members and to have him represent the Chamber with prospective members.”

Members can reach Richard Kennedy at (847) 513-6006 or