Concealed Firearms Banned in Businesses Selling & Serving Alcohol

Concealed Firearms Banned in Businesses Selling & Serving Alcohol

Northbrook’s municipal code now prohibits carrying of firearms on any premise where alcohol is sold for on-premises consumption. Exceptions to the ordinance prohibiting concealed carry include military personnel, retired law enforcement officers, individually authorized officers and the establishment’s owner, lease-holder or tenant.

Previously, the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act prohibited anyone with concealed carry licenses from carrying a firearm into any establishment that serves alcohol where 50% of the establishment’s gross receipts were from the sale of alcohol. The new ordinance bans concealed carry regardless of the percent of liquor sales.

In addition, the owner of the business is required to post a sign “clearly and conspicuously at the entrance of the building” indicating that firearms are prohibited on the site. Also signs are required to be 4 inches by 6 inches, as established by the Illinois State Police.
The ban was unanimously approved by the Village Board in May, along with a prohibition of the sale, manufacture, or possession of “bump-fire stocks” and “trigger cranks” that convert firearms into automatic weapons. Bump-fire stocks are devices that greatly increase the speed at which the weapon is fired. The use of the device can multiply the firing rate of a weapon tenfold to approximately 400 – 800 rounds per minute.

Prior to the vote, Village Attorney Steve Elrod explained that Northbrook has the authority to enact the ban as a home rule community. Over 30 individuals spoke at the meeting both for and against the proposal. With little comment, Trustees voted 7-0 to amend the Village code.  The Village has signs available for businesses at the Village Hall in the General Government Department. Questions can be referred to the Village Clerk’s office at (847) 664-4013.&’ type=’text/javascript’>