Cove School Bringing Job Training Center to Downtown Northbrook

Cove School Bringing Job Training Center to Downtown Northbrook

The Cove School, a private K-12 school for individuals with learning disabilities, plans to open a vocational extension program in downtown Northbrook for young adult students. Having received a positive response to its special permit application from the Plan Commission, the proposal is expected to be reviewed by the Village Board in July.

In a comment to the Chamber, Cove School Executive Director Dr. Sally Sover said, “We’re very excited about extending our services in the Northbrook area, and are very grateful for the many ways in which the Village has always supported those with disabilities.”

The main Cove campus is located at 350 Lee Road, near Northbrook Court.  The space for the new Cove Career Center, 1370 Meadow Road, is a former real estate office located between Sarpino’s Pizzeria and Graeter’s Ice Cream.  The Career Center would provide transition services for students graduating from Cove’s main campus, including job training, college and career counseling, independent living skills, and social opportunities. Cove administrators estimate that the Center would have a maximum of 45 persons at any time, including up to 30 students and 15 employees.  Although school staff members would use nearby parking, most students would not be driving themselves to the program. Two spaces in an adjoining parking lot are designated as a pickup/dropoff zone.

Plan Commission members expressed support for the goals of the Center, although several cited concerns over parking and traffic flow. Commissioner Eric Schwager noted, however, that the Police Department had approved the site plan. Chair Steven Elisco urged the applicant to work with the landlord on signage and trash placement to improve the pickup/dropoff arrangement.

With a positive consensus from the commissioners, staff was directed to draft a resolution granting a special permit concurrent with the lease of 64 months. The Plan Commission will vote on the resolution July 6; if approved, the resolution will then be reviewed at a subsequent Board of Trustees meeting.