Departmental Leadership Change at Village

Departmental Leadership Change at Village

The Village of Northbrook has begun to undergo a series of leadership transitions brought on by a number of senior staff retirements.  Residents and business owners will find some of those positions filled by familiar faces.  Case in point: Michaela Kohlstedt, Deputy Director of Development & Planning Services, officially takes over as Director of that department on February 1 following the retirement of longtime Director Tom Poupard.

As described on the Village website, the Development & Planning Services Department is responsible for “assisting landowners and business operators in obtaining building permits, administering the Village’s municipal and zoning codes, overseeing food services, and implementing orderly development in the community.”  In the past year, the Department has been involved in providing background research to the Village Board and Plan Commission regarding affordable housing, short term rentals, sustainability, and other policy initiatives.  Kohlstedt began working for the Village as a Senior Planner in 2006 and became Deputy Director of the Department in 2017.

“I look forward to serving not only the residents of this community, but also the large business community in Northbrook,” says Kohlstedt.  “Along with Chan Yu, the new Deputy Director of Development & Planning Services and Nick Desario, the Assistant Director of Development & Planning Services, we will be working as a team to assist the business community with their economic and building needs in any way that we can.”

Other planned staff retirements coming in 2021 include Village Manager Richard Nahrstadt, Deputy Village Manager/CFO Jeff Rowitz, and Police Chief Roger Adkins.  Village President Sandy Frum also will not be seeking reelection when her term expires in April.