Developers Moving Forward on High End Alzheimer’s Facility at Shermer and Techny

Developers Moving Forward on High End Alzheimer’s Facility at Shermer and Techny

For Danny Zivin and Steve Friedman, KZF Development, and David Israel, planning a high end assisted living facility for residents with Alzheimer’s disease has personal meaning. All have experienced firsthand what it’s like to have a loved one with the disease and all are committed to a project that offers the highest standards of care that they would want for their own family member. Together they are pursuing the purchase of a 3.1 acre site at the corner of Shermer and Techny, hoping to create an attractive, high end care facility. Plans are for the proposed Patriot Partners Care Center to include two residential buildings with around 90 units– 24 private units of around 328 square feet and 72 one-bedroom units of approximately 406 square feet.

The project generally received favorable comment from the Village Board earlier this year, with suggestions for some improvements. Many of the recommendations have been incorporated into the final plans, including an additional 55 parking spots behind the buildings, a buffer between the facilities, an entrance on Techny for emergency vehicles, and lowering the two story building height to 35 feet.

Because of the needs of the residents who often need medical attention, a third building would house medical staff. Unlike other facilities, the developers are working to have on site medical care during the week with a registered nurse for each building and two nurse practitioners on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The goal is to ensure the care of each resident, with the ability to take care of health issues on site. An advantage is that the facility is only two miles from Glenbrook hospital.

“We want only the highest quality of care for each and every patient,” comments Israel. “Taking care of overall health issues on site is extremely important to us.”
“The care center is designed to transform the institutional nursing facility into a smaller, more comforting residential environment,” according to the documents filed with the Village Board for the preliminary review. The buildings will have a residential look and attractive landscaping is planned throughout the property. Other thoughtful features include larger rooms for privacy when residents have visitors and a private ambulance available for emergencies. With up to 40 employees on site, the ratio for caregivers would be higher than traditionally found in other facilities, around six to seven professionals for each resident.

A recent market study conducted by Principle Valuation prepared for the developers shows a lack of senior care housing in a 10-15 mile radius around Northbrook, whose population is aging. Authors of the study point to statistics that show the number of people with Alzheimers will nearly triple in the next 35 years. Zivin and Israel assert that the project will not reinvent the care model for this type of housing but will follow recommended guidelines.

Because the property is zoned residential, several variances and permits are needed, including a special permit for assisted living, special permit for height, a variation to omit a loading zone, a special permit for a floor area ratio of 55 percent instead of 40 percent of the land area, a parking variation and a special permit for more than one building on a single lot. A formal application for the project was submitted late last month.&’ type=’text/javascript’>