Election 2020: Voting Options Support Participation

Election 2020: Voting Options Support Participation

To encourage voter participation and overcome health safety concerns, the state of Illinois is promoting a variety of alternatives to appearing at a polling place on Election Day.  In addition to the presidential showdown, voters will be making choices about the proposed Illinois income tax amendment as well as races for the US Senate, House of Representatives, and other positions. 

Mail-in ballots combined with early voting are expected to be far more widely used than at any time in the past, with requests for Illinois mail-in ballots topping one million in early September. Voters must request a mail-in ballot through their election authority no later than October 29, although practically speaking one should be requested much earlier to ensure delivery. Cook County voters can submit their completed ballot via the postal service or use a secure ballot dropbox at a number of suburban locations, including the Northbrook Village Hall.  For in-person voting, early voting runs from October 19 to November 2; click here for a list of early voting locations and hours in suburban Cook County.

Aside from the presidential contest, Illinois voters will decide the re-election bid of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin who is challenged by Republican Mark Curran.  Most Northbrook residents will also vote on the Congressional 10th District race between incumbent Democrat Brad Schneider and Republican Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee.  State Rep. Jonathan Carroll is running unopposed, and State Senators Julie Morrison and Laura Fine are both midterm.

The hotly-debated income tax amendment proposed for the state constitution is also on the ballot. The amendment, a core goal of Governor Pritzker’s, removes the mandate of a flat rate for income taxes.  Eliminating that mandate would activate a new scale of graduated levies approved by the General Assembly for 2021, with rates ranging from 4.75% up to 7.99% for the highest earners.

Due to the pandemic, Illinois is suffering a serious shortage of election judges.  Adequate staffing by non-partisan judges is crucial to a fair, efficient voting process.  If you are interested in serving as an election judge, you can learn more by visiting PowerthePolls.com.