Governor Announces Targeted Response to Potential Resurgence of COVID-19

Governor Announces Targeted Response to Potential Resurgence of COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in a number of other states, Governor Pritzker has published plans for a targeted approach to address spikes in confirmed infections.  The plan divides Illinois into 11 public health zones for a response based on localized data rather than sweeping statewide mandates. Northbrook is located in Suburban Cook EMS Region 10, including all Cook County municipalities other than Chicago.

The new response plan sets out a three-tiered menu of measures to restrict the spread of the virus. Businesses recently reopened in Phase 4 would face partial or total reinstatement of restrictions, depending on the severity of the regional outbreak.  Tier 3 restrictions would mirror the complete shutdown experienced in the early days of the pandemic. As of July 27, no restrictions had been issued under the state plan, although the City of Chicago had issued unilateral limits beginning Friday, July 24.

Restrictions would be triggered by a sustained rise in the positivity rate of testing over a 10-day period or  coupled with a sustained increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations or a significant reduction in hospital capacity, or by a three-day average positivity rate of over 8 percent. Daily metrics for each region are published on the Illinois Department of Public Health website.