JCC Plans New Fitness Center Addition

JCC Plans New Fitness Center Addition

Bernard Weinger Jewish Community Center (JCC) recently unveiled plans to construct a 12,800 square foot fitness facility addition to be built on the east side of the current 62,500 square foot building at 300 Revere Drive. The JCC expects the new fitness center will attract an additional 1,000 to 2,000 families, requiring the addition of 3 to 5 full time staff and 10- 20 part time staff working in shifts. The new center would consist of two large group fitness rooms as well as a full size equipment area.

In 1994, when the original JJC development was proposed, it was proposed in two phases. The first phase consists of the current structure which includes classrooms, gym, fitness center and pool. Phase two, which was never built, was to be two building additions: one on the west side of the existing building with classrooms, and one on the east side containing an auditorium, together totaling 13,500 square feet. Because the proposed building addition is different in size and placement than the originally contemplated building additions, Village approval is needed to amend documents which govern the property.

Plan Commissioners discussed the parking requirements with the new addition, and found no need to require additional parking. The site currently has 284 spots, which exceeds the requirement for 263 spaces with the building addition. The JCC’s own analysis of its parking concluded that at the existing facility’s busiest time, only 145 cars were parked in the lot. Even with the additional families, JCC officials estimate that only 10 percent would come every day spread out between 5:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Currently there are 62 landbanked parking spots in the northeast portion of the property should additional parking be needed.

Plan Commissioner Steven Elisco praised the design of the project and noted that the site is currently overparked and that in 20 years there was never a need for the landbanked parking. Plan Commission Marcia Franklin questioned the parking estimates, but eventually concurred with other Plan Commissioners who voted to recommend that the building addition be approved. The Village Trustees are expected to vote on the proposal later this month.&’ type=’text/javascript’>