Maximize Your Membership Investment: Tips to Build SEO with Your Profile

Maximize Your Membership Investment: Tips to Build SEO with Your Profile

Make your Chamber membership investment work for you. Start with your business’s profile on Your profile is visible to an unlimited audience through our website’s search function, as well as an SEO-optimized Google search. Make the most of this opportunity by crafting your description to attract the customers who are searching for your products or services.

As part of your Northbrook Chamber microsite, we create a link back to your website that is very powerful.  With the Chamber’s online presence having a very high profile, our link to your site can further build your presence online and help you rank higher when your business is searched on Google.

What words would your customers use to search for a business like yours? When updating your business description, use your 600 available characters to clearly identify products or services you offer. If you are an authorized dealer for a particular brand, or carry recognizable brands, include that information prominently.

Keywords allow you to expand the number of searchable terms beyond the limits of your description. While keywords are not visible on our website, search engines will pick them up. There’s no need to duplicate words that appear in your description. Use your keywords to list brand names, alternative words for products, or additional services you offer.

Are you using social media to connect with customers? It’s the most nimble, cost-effective way to market your business day-to-day. Your Chamber profile can include links to your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages; make sure they are up to date.

To make your Chamber profile even more effective, consider an upgraded membership! Gold and Platinum members receive significantly larger business descriptions [1600 characters], multiple business category listings, and targeted links to direct customers to specific elements in their websites. Upgraded members can also add logos, videos and banner ads on their profile page.  Contact Kathi Quinn for complete information about the advantages of Gold and Platinum membership investment.

The Chamber’s annual records update is going on now, so this is a perfect time to review your profile. (Even if you’ve already responded to the request for updates, you are welcome to make additional changes at any time.)  For assistance with your description, keywords, social media links, or any other details in your Chamber records, feel free to call the office at (847) 498-5555.