Members Asked to Update Business & Contact Information

Members Asked to Update Business & Contact Information

By now all members should have been contacted via e-mail or fax to complete and return the Chamber’s “Membership Verification” form. Updates provided to the Chamber during this annual outreach process are vital to ensure accurate information appears on the Chamber website, and that the correct contact information is given out when making referrals. If your business has moved, has a new phone number or a new website address, if you have employees you would like to delete or add to the database to receive Chamber news, this a great opportunity to update your Chamber records. Even if there are no changes, please e-mail or respond to the Chamber to confirm that you have reviewed your listing.

In addition to verifying contact information, members are reminded to take full advantage of the ability to use up to 600 characters (around 50 words) to describe their business. This offers an opportunity to explain more about a business specialty and for members to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In addition to an accurate and up-to-date business description, members should also make sure they list keywords, which will improve search results both on the Chamber’s website and with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Be sure to check the accuracy of your physical address which will appear on the Chamber website and in publications. You can also list a different mailing address where you would like to receive the newsletter or other mailings from the Chamber. Remember to list the correct address for anyone receiving the newsletter. It is also very valuable for the Chamber to have correct e-mail addresses for all members, as it is a convenient means of communicating important information. Please note that e-mails provided to the Chamber are not sold, given out, or included in any publication.

A great way to check the effectiveness of your listing is to log onto the Chamber website and search for your business name. Does your business come up in the right category? Could you benefit by being listed in a second or third category? Could your listing be more prominent with a hot deal or banner ad? These and other low cost options can set your business apart from the others and ensure that your business comes up in a search. If you did not receive the verification form, or if you have any questions about how to update your records, or are interested in additional marketing tools, please contact the Chamber at (847)498-5555 and any staff member will be happy to help you out.&’ type=’text/javascript’>