Mentors Needed for High School Business Incubator Course

Mentors Needed for High School Business Incubator Course

Learning to build a business will become a community effort next fall at both Glenbrook North and South High Schools with the launch of the first entrepreneurship course. Volunteers from all business sectors are needed to help lend their expertise for the Entrepreneurship: Business Incubator class, which will take students through the process of building a product or service, ending in a Presentation Night evaluation of the students’ work to a panel of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, patterned after the popular TV show “Shark Tank.”

“We need business volunteers from all sectors — finance, human resources, administration, operations, executive management, legal, marketing, regulation –you name it; everything from the corporate world to small business owners,” comments Mary Kosirog, Career and Life Skills Instructional Supervisor who will oversee the program at GBN. “Businesses can commit to several hours a week or as little as two hours a semester. We will evaluate anyone’s interest in participation and see where there is the best fit.”
The volunteers will be assigned to help at different steps along the way, as coaches who will share their business expertise in the classroom, to mentors who will provide direct guidance for student teams as they develop their business concept, to advisory board members who evaluate the student companies twice a year. Incubator donors who can contribute seed funds are also needed and will be recognized at the Presentation Night.

The course is patterned after IncubatorEDU, a program that encourages young entrepreneurs that has been successful in other area high schools. As many as 30 students from each school are expected to sign up for the two semester class. Working in teams, the students will acquire foundational business concepts and then apply them to their team’s new business idea.

“Invested volunteers will see the profound effect they will have on helping students develop skills for college and career success,” adds Kosirog. “We’re very excited to have volunteers share their passion, experience and wisdom as part of a curriculum to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. We hope this will be an ongoing partnership with the community.”

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