Northbrook Business of the Year: Newmedical Technology, Inc.

Northbrook Business of the Year: Newmedical Technology, Inc.

A. Michael Hanna, Newmedical Technology Inc.

For people around the world suffering from scars, burns, wounds, and other conditions, industry-leading treatment strategies have their roots right here. Launched in Northbrook in 2004, Newmedical Technology is now re-committing itself to the community by investing in a comprehensive renovation of a 47,000 square foot facility for its new Sky Harbor headquarters.

Newmedical Technology’s products for scar reduction, bruising, and wound care are widely used in over 30 countries, improving lives on both a physical and psychological level.  Scar and bruise treatments are available for both consumers and medical professionals, speeding healing and improving the appearance of new or old scars. Hospitals rely on the company’s Devrasorb line of wound dressings for superior absorption, fluid retention, and painless release of healing compounds. All these products are developed internally and manufactured locally, according to Newmedical’s CEO Mike Hanna. 

“We didn’t want to take the easy route of outsourcing,” says Mike. “We develop and manufacture all our products  in-house where we can insure quality standards are maintained. When we come up with any product, it has to be the best in the world.”

Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with expertise in technology, Mike launched his first IT and software company in 1989. The vicissitudes of the tech sector inspired him to move into the healthcare industry, recognizing that advances in medical treatments are consistently in demand., Mike opened Newmedical’s first small office on Northbrook’s Commercial Avenue, conveniently located close to Mike’s home in Glenview as well as easy access to the highways for employees. They later relocated to a larger Sky Harbor building that could support their growing manufacturing activities.

Silicone foam manufacturing at Newmedical Technology in Northbrook

Those early years presented a learning curve, as the company attempted to market a wide variety of medical products and ran up against the challenges of regulatory bureaucracy. Mike made the strategic decision to narrow the focus, investing in developing and manufacturing silicone scar management solutions. The success of that approach is demonstrated by the company’s steady expansion both domestically and internationally: Newmedical was named Illinois Exporter of the Year in 2011 and 2018, and in 2021 began looking for larger space to accommodate their growth. 

The search for a new site included a recruitment campaign by the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, offering advantageous tax treatment and other cost-savings opportunities. However, Mike made the decision to stay in Northbrook in order to keep his existing team together. 

“The people kept us here,” he explains. “We’ve created a great environment here where we treat our employees like family. If we moved, we would have had to replace most of our employees.”

Moving to the new location, formerly the home of Old World Industries, is a major investment involving a massive new roof, new HVAC, energy efficiency enhancements, and much more. The company’s new capacity will allow for new employment opportunities and future growth, but Mike also hopes to maintain the familial, entrepreneurial feeling that has been at the core of Newmedical’s values since the beginning. 

“We appreciate all the support we’ve received from the Village and Chamber and its staff,” notes Mike. “We’re taking a building that couldn’t be sold and turning it into a state of the art facility. You have to be persistent and patient, but in time you see the fruits of your efforts.”