Commission Reviews a Second 7-Eleven Proposal and Considers Expanded Services at Eating Recovery Center

Commission Reviews a Second 7-Eleven Proposal and Considers Expanded Services at Eating Recovery Center

Second 7-Eleven Proposed for Shermer & Waukegan

For the second time this summer, the Northbrook Plan Commission reviewed an application for a new 24-hour 7-Eleven store and gas station.  Although the first proposal, for the northeast corner of Shermer and Techny Roads, was approved in July with little opposition, the hearing on August 18 regarding the southeast corner of Shermer and Waukegan met with objections from nearby residents and pushback from Commissioners about round-the-clock operation.  (Video of the Plan Commission meeting and documents are available here.)

The proposed redevelopment of the current Mobil gas station/car wash at 1103 Waukegan Road would include a 3000 square foot store, a single canopy covering five gas pumps parallel to Waukegan, and a car wash located at the south edge of the building.  Residents of the Shermer Square condominiums and other surrounding streets voiced opposition based on noise, light spillover, and a perception that overnight operation might lead to increased crime and traffic. Several Commissioners noted, however, that the property has been in disrepair for years and the new designs would enhance both the appearance and the safety of the intersection.

The sticking point for all but one of the Commissioners was the request for 24-hour operation.  Commissioner Jeff Sandler pointed out that the availability of all-night 7-Eleven access at the planned store at 1975 Shermer Road, less than two miles away, would make another all-night option unnecessary. The Commissioners reached a consensus that store hours of 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., with car wash hours of 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., would likely be acceptable to the panel. The Applicant, GW Properties, could not confirm that 7-Eleven’s corporate ownership would accede to the limited hours, so the matter was continued to the September 1 Commission meeting.  Following a Plan Commission vote, the application will go to the Board of Trustees for final review.

Eating Recovery Center/Insight Makes Case for Expanded Services

Following several months of contentious discussion, the Plan Commission indicated its willingness to allow Eating Recovery Center/Insight (ERC) to provide adolescent mental health services under the new zoning category of Specialty Medical Facility.  The Commission asked Village Staff to draft a resolution for a September 1 vote including mandatory reviews of facility operations, age restrictions, and other standards. (Video of the Plan Commission meeting and materials can be viewed here.)

Originally granted a permit in 2018 for the treatment of eating disorders (ED), the Center at 4201 Lake Cook Road was cited in February 2020 for having patients with psychiatric conditions other than ED.  The Center was also noted to have a higher-than-anticipated number of 911 transports to area hospitals in the early months of its operation.  After paying costs and penalties of over $75,000 for its violation of its permit, ERC applied for permission to expand its service offerings under the newly-created Specialty Medical Treatment Facility category.  Over the course of two Plan Commission hearings in August, ERC staff sought to explain the similarities in symptoms and treatment for its ED and non-ED patients, and demonstrated that it had contracted with private ambulance services to alleviate the need for 911 calls.  Although the Commissioners expressed caution due to ERC’s earlier conduct, they are expected to vote favorably on the new designation.