Sidewalk Sales Boost Awareness of Northbrook’s Downtown

Sidewalk Sales Boost Awareness of Northbrook’s Downtown

Northbrook’s downtown will come alive on Friday and Saturday, July 8-9, when store owners will fill the parking lots with merchandise for sale. From 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on both days shoppers are invited to take advantage of the bargains.

“The annual Sidewalk Sale is an important community tradition,” comments Bruce Gonzalez, General Manager of Sunset Foods and spokesperson for the downtown Merchants Association. “The event offers an opportunity for residents and visitors to discover all of the unique businesses that we have here. Many have no idea that Sunset now has a café and grill or are aware of the knitting studio across the street.”

Participating store owners say they appreciate the festive atmosphere and enjoy the opportunity to meet new customers. Lynette Gilbert, Three Bags Full Knitting Studio, comments that people who aren’t current customers often wander in to her store to learn more about the craft and end up becoming customers.

Similarly, Liz Dunton with Juniper says that a number of customers discover the store for the first time through the Sidewalk Sale. “We always meet new customers from all over the North Shore, and they end up becoming regulars.” She praised the event as always very well promoted with publicity throughout the North Shore to attract new attendees.
Organizer Marie Junkmann offers fun incentives for attendees, including a $500 raffle prize given out each day. She also puts together a makeover promotion for one person, selected by a panel of retailers.

Area non-profits also use the event to increase their profiles. Thanks to a partnership with one of her staff with the inner city school Lawndale Prep, Gilbert plans to allow the students to set up a display to sell their knitting creations, giving them some business experience. Other social service groups that will be showcased include Hunger Resources, Special Olympics and the Cub Scouts.

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