Trustees Finalize Recommendations for Storage Center on Skokie Blvd

Trustees Finalize Recommendations for Storage Center on Skokie Blvd

This month, Trustees are expected to approve plans for a proposed Lock Up Self Storage warehouse, a three story, nearly 120,000 square foot storage facility to be built at 990 Skokie Boulevard. Trustees generally were supportive of the project when they reviewed it last month, but disagreed with Plan Commission recommendations related to utility lines and access to the south end of the property.

Trustees agreed that the use is appropriate for the property and praised the development’s design, which would resemble an office building and feature extensive landscaping. Trustee Buehler commented that the design minimizes the impact on the area.
Previously, the Plan Commissioners unanimously recommended necessary zoning and subdivision relief as well as special permits for the project, but suggested burying the existing overhead utility lines along Sunset Ridge Road. Because of cut through traffic concerns, they also recommended eliminating the southerly access to Sunset RIdge Road.
Trustees agreed that burying utility lines in the area would not make much of a difference. The Developer estimated that cost of burying the lines would be prohibitively expensive, costing $350 – $400,000, and estimated that a fee-in-lieu would be around $73,000. Trustees unanimously concurred that the requirement to bury the lines should be waived and that the fee in-lieu be paid.

Trustees debated traffic concerns in the area and concluded the building would actually generate less traffic than an office, which is currently allowed under the zoning for the property. They were sympathetic to the developer’s concern that closing the curb cut would make the facility less attractive to customers. Instead of closing off the southern end of the property, they recommended that the southern entrance to the building be kept open with a right in and right out access onto Sunset Ridge. A provision giving Trustees the ability to review how the entrance affects traffic in the next one to two years was also added.

Trustee Bob Israel said that he discussed the fate of the current building on the property with the architect Joe Valerio. The building has a distinctive design and won several building awards. However it has been vacant for over 3 years and pointed out that no current use can be found. “The current architect has done an admirable job of creating a facility that is complimentary to the site.”&’ type=’text/javascript’>