Update: Northbrook Adopts Affordable Housing Ordinances

Update: Northbrook Adopts Affordable Housing Ordinances

The Northbrook Board of Trustees unanimously approved a package of local ordinances and code amendments to promote the development of affordable housing in the Village.  The December 8 Board vote endorsed the recommendations of the Northbrook Plan Commission, described in detail in the Chamber’s December newsletter.

The affordable housing policy changes were the culmination of a development process stretching back more than a year, including 15 Board and/or Plan Commission meetings broadcast to the community on the Village website, Facebook page, and cable television.  During the December 8 meeting, several residents gave live statements and President Sandy Frum read aloud 81 emails.  Trustee Kathryn Ciesla stated that of the total public comment received, 76 percent favored the affordable housing strategy and 24 percent opposed it.

In an email sent to Village residents on December 9, President Frum was quoted as saying, The issue of affordable housing is incredibly important to us as a community – it says a lot about who we are and what we will become. I care deeply about Northbrook, as do the numerous community members who made their voices and differing opinions heard on this topic. As we look to the future together, I believe that passing this plan is a crucial step towards diversity and equity, and I welcome the positive changes to come.”

A video of the December 8 Board meeting can be viewed on the Village website.