Village Business Briefs

Village Business Briefs

Special Permit Renewals Streamlined: The Board of Trustees recently endorsed a simplified renewal process for businesses with special permits. Under the new policy, renewals without changes or a record of problems may be approved by Village staff, avoiding the need to appear before the Village Board. A revised policy is expected to receive final approval at an upcoming Board meeting.

Shorter Timeline for 6B Reviews: Businesses seeking a Cook County 6B tax incentive may see a faster turnaround time for their applications in the future. The County requests input on applications from the affected municipality, and Northbrook’s current policy requires approval by a Preliminary Review by the Board, and at least 45 days for comments from other taxing bodies along with the Village’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) and Industrial and Commercial Development Commission (ICDC). A survey from the Northwest Municipal Conference revealed no other community with an explicit review period. At the October 12 Board meeting, Village President Kathryn Ciesla opined that this disparity puts Northbrook at a competitive disadvantage. “In my mind, the priority is getting businesses into our community and having regulations that make sense,” said Ciesla. While Trustees wanted to maintain a process for comment from school districts and other taxing bodies, they suggested shortening the window for review and strategies to allow all taxing bodies to review proposals concurrently.

Allstate Selling Headquarters: The 189-acre Allstate campus, located in an unincorporated area on the west side of Northbrook, will be sold as the insurance giant transitions to a greater emphasis on remote employment. According to border agreements between Northbrook and Glenview, the property can only be annexed by Glenview.