Village Conducting Voltz Road Traffic Study

Village Conducting Voltz Road Traffic Study

Over the next few months the Village will consider ways to improve traffic on Voltz Road including the ability to bike, walk and drive safely through neighborhood. At an Open House in September, Public Works staff and staff from the Village engineering contractor Gewalt Hamilton and Associates, unveiled some of their suggestions to address traffic concerns on the Voltz Road corridor. Comments from attendees at the meeting will be taken into consideration during the process of developing final recommendations to improve traffic flow on the road.

Voltz intersects Waukegan Road, which is a designated Truck route and a Regional Arterial Road, on the west. According to state classifications, Regional Arterial routes have 4 to 6 lanes with a traffic signal at major intersections and an allowable speed limit of up to 55 mph. To the east, Voltz abuts Sunset Ridge Road, which is classified as a Local Arterial road, where traffic signals or Stop signs control traffic, and where the allowable speed limit is 40 – 50 mph. Sandwiched in between, Voltz is classified as a Neighborhood Collector, one of the lowest classifications in terms of traffic, and where the speed limit is generally 25 – 30 mph, there are only 2 travel lanes, and Stop signs are used.

Statistics show that traffic on Voltz has increased from an average of 2,150 cars a day in 2002 to 3,230 in 2015. While traffic along Waukegan Road has decreased during the same time period from 24,200 cars and trucks to 20,100, traffic on Sunset Ridge has increased from 6,400 to 7,350. One of the busiest intersections is at Voltz and Waukegan, where between 2011 and 2016 there were 30 accidents, over half of all the 56 accidents accounted for on Voltz.

Suggested changes include:

  • At Voltz and Waukegan, (Anets Woods development) add westbound right-turn lane
  • Consider traffic circle at Voltz and Grant
  • Lower the speed limit to 25 mph between Bridlewood and Lawrence
  • Consider Stop signs at sharp curves (where there were 9 accidents between 2011 and 2016)
  • Restripe between the sharp curves for 10-foot lanes (to reduce speed)
  • Test traffic counts for all-way stop at Voltz and Sunset Ridge
  • On Waukegan, add northbound left turn lane into Maple

Most expressed support for the added turn lanes, especially at the Anets Woods intersection, but there was concerns about the suggested traffic circle. All of the comments from the Open House will be shared with the Village Board’s Public Works Committee, which will hold additional opportunities for public comment before making any final recommendations. To share additional suggestions and comments, e-mail

Voltz Road Traffic Study

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