Village Grants Liquor Licenses for BasketWorks and Mark Vend

Village Grants Liquor Licenses for BasketWorks and Mark Vend

Two Northbrook businesses recently received Class B Liquor Licenses from the Village Board, allowing for specialized sales of alcohol to meet the needs of their customers. Pursuant to Consent Resolutions, BasketWorks was granted a license to enable it to sell package liquor in its gift basket products. The second license, to Mark Vend Company, allows the delivery of alcoholic package liquor to businesses for consumption on the customer’s premises.

According to Village memoranda, “Class B licenses authorize the sale of all alcoholic beverages in original package form only for consumption off the premises specified.” Approval of the Northbrook licenses is only part of the process; both companies now need to receive authorization from the State of Illinois before offering liquor sales to their clients.

Ever since launching her business in 1997, BasketWorks owner Lise Schleicher has been curtailed in her ability to customize gift baskets with wine bottles or other alcoholic beverages. Her customers needed to obtain the bottles themselves and then deliver them to her for packaging, a cumbersome process out of step with current online retail competitors.

The new license will allow her company to supply a selection of wines, beers or spirits that can be added to almost any basket. Customers will be able to make selections directly from the BasketWorks website, strengthening the company’s foothold as an internet-based business.

“We are also looking at a variety of Chicago-centric products for new arrangements,” notes Schleicher. “One option would be a waxed-canvas holder for beer bottles with a sampler of Chicago microbrews.” She hopes to have new options available in May, pending completion of the state’s requirements.

For Mark Vend, expanding into liquor delivery is a direct response to customer expectations. According to co-owner Daniel Stein, “Craft beer service in offices is no longer an anomaly, it’s become the norm. It’s grown beyond tech companies to include our financial service clients, law offices and other professions.” Stein estimates that 25-30% of Mark Vend’s top clients would want to supply their offices with either keg or bottled craft beer, and that single-sourcing food and beverage needs provides a significant advantage for the customer.

Stein commends the Village for conducting a thorough, transparent process of reviewing the company’s application. He notes that Mark Vend has been based in Northbrook since 1977, and that their longevity gave extra credibility to their request.  “We’re glad that the Village understood our need for this. It was a long process, but we respect that the Village did its homework and due diligence in a fair and transparent way,” says Stein.&’ type=’text/javascript’>