Village Receives First Application for Cannabis Grower

Village Receives First Application for Cannabis Grower

The legalization of cannabis in Illinois continues to build an economic foothold in Northbrook, as a preliminary application for a craft growing, processing, and infusing facility was presented at a recent Board of Trustees meeting. The Board responded with positive comments to the application, which is now under review by the Plan Commission.

Northbrook CGF, Inc. hopes to lease a warehouse facility at 3165 Commercial Avenue. Most of that space would be divided into various rooms to grow, harvest, process and warehouse cannabis plants and products. The actual growers’ license and special permits would be issued to another entity, for which CGF is a consultant. Future plans call for the company to purchase its leased space in 2021 as well as an adjoining space at 3151 Commercial.

Under Zoning Code amendments adopted in October 2019, craft businesses like the one proposed may be allowed by special permit in the Village’s Industrial zones. Requirements include valid licenses from the Illinois Department of Agriculture; a buffer zone of at least 500 feet from any preexisting school or childcare facility; signage, security measures, and strategies for nuisance and odor control; and a ban on retail sales of the products on the premises. The application states that the operator is in the process of pursuing the state licenses, and all other requirements would be met.

In the preliminary review, Trustees indicated generally favorable opinions about the proposal. The main area of concern raised by Trustees was whether carbon filters could control odors from the facility. President Sandy Frum suggested that permits could include review mechanisms to ensure that all nuisance requirements were properly met.
After receiving the Board’s comments, Plan Commission held the first public hearing on February 18. Commissioners expect CGF to return on March 3 with more information about the identity of the operating entity, hours of operation, and plans for the proposed building purchase.

Meanwhile, the Village’s first recreational cannabis retail dispensary is moving forward. Set to locate at the northwest corner of Dundee Road and Skokie Boulevard, the Greenhouse dispensary, approved in December 2019, is expected to open for business sometime in the spring of 2020.