Village Sees Strong Sales Tax Resurgence

Village Sees Strong Sales Tax Resurgence

The Village of Northbrook is exceeding expectations on sales tax collections for the start of its fiscal year.  Sales tax receipts in August, reflecting sales made in May, were reported at over $1.5M, beating projections in the budget by more than $384K. In fact, this year’s August receipts were the highest recorded since FY 2017/18, and receipts have exceeded budget projections for three consecutive months.

The magnitude of the recovery is particularly impressive when compared to the sales tax receipts from the start of the pandemic. Receipts plunged in July and August 2020, reflecting sales from April and May respectively, yielding about half the totals from the same months in the previous year. Sales tax numbers gradually increased through the fall and winter to approach near-normal levels, with the two most recent months more than doubling the totals from the same periods last year.

At the August 10 Board meeting, Village President Kathryn Ciesla characterized the sales tax figures as “excellent news about our economic ability to rebound after the pandemic.” She noted that the positive sales tax trends, along with the recent affirmation of the Village’s Triple-A bond ratings, demonstrate that Northbrook remains in “excellent financial shape.”

The Chamber has been deeply involved in promotions for local shopping and dining throughout the pandemic. In partnership with the Village, the Chamber has created and expanded a variety of marketing initiatives, available at no charge to businesses or consumers, including:

Northbrook Shopping Elf Social Media Campaign: Active pages on Facebook and Instagram with more than 2700 followers, the Northbrook Shopping Elf highlights Northbrook restaurants and stores with shared and original content as well as local incentive contests

Live Shop Dine Northbrook Text Program: The mobile text marketing program, managed by the Chamber and NorthShore Loyalty, connects over 90 local businesses to more than 3000 subscribers. “Takeout Tuesday” promotions, community event updates, and social media sharing create a high level of engagement: 98% of texts sent are opened/seen by consumer subscribers.

Community Shopping & Dining Guide:  The Chamber’s annual Community Resource Guide includes a pullout Shopping & Dining Guide with a full list of all Northbrook restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Free copies of the Guide are sent to households throughout Northbrook and made available at hotels, public buildings, the Chamber office, and other high traffic destinations.

Live Shop Dine Northbrook Website:  The Chamber maintains an independent website,, with detailed listings of local restaurants and descriptions of area shopping centers. In 2020, a Holiday Shopping Guide page was added to encourage local shopping.

“It’s very encouraging to see such a strong performance in local sales tax figures,” notes Chamber President Tensley Garris. “We believe that our community-based marketing strategies help keep residents aware of the many opportunities to shop local and support Village businesses.”

For more information about the Chamber’s Shop Local initiatives, contact Communications Manager Carolyn Gessner,