Village to Re-Address County Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

Village to Re-Address County Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

Village Trustees will once again discuss whether local businesses should be required to comply with the Cook County Paid Sick Leave ordinance at their Tuesday September 25th meeting. The County regulation requires nearly all employers provide paid sick leave for all their workers. In May of 2017, Trustees exercised their rights under home rule to opt out of the mandate by a vote of 6 – 2.

Trustees all agreed to re-open the discussion of the ordinance at the suggestion of Trustee Muriel Collison. “My reasons for wanting to address the issue are the same as they were last year when I voted against opting out of the ordinance,” comments Trustee Collison. “I do not believe our workers should have to choose between staying home with a sick child or when sick themselves and getting paid. Additionally, I want to address this specific ordinance apart from the minimum wage ordinance as I am hoping there will be enough support on the Village Board to pass it.”

Any employee who works at least 80 hours within a six-month period for an employer would be eligible for Paid Sick Leave (PSL). Workers would accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. Unused sick leave could also be carried over to the following 12-month period, up to a maximum of 20 hours.Employees would be allowed to use PSL when they or a family member, including parent, grandparent, child or spouse is ill or injured, in need of medical care, treatment, diagnosis or preventative care.
Under the Cook County ordinance, all employers, except for federal, state and local government agencies, would be required to comply with the mandate. Independent contractors, most interns, and workers covered by a collective bargaining agreements would be exempt.

Employers would be required to enact the policy to be in effect for any worker six month after their start date. Employers would also be required to document compliance with the ordinance to show proof of coverage should there be a dispute.
Both Collison and Village President Sandy Frum stated that there would be no public hearing, but that businesses will have an opportunity at the meeting to comment on the ordinance. “At the end of the meeting the Board will either direct staff to prepare documents or will decide to take no action,” according to President Frum.

“The Chamber’s position on the Cook County mandate has not changed since this issue was brought up in 2017,” comments Chamber Board Chair Glenn Weintraub, AA Service. “While the Chamber fully supports fair labor practices and encourages a positive workplace environment, we do not support county employment mandates that put our businesses at a competitive disadvantage with their neighbors across the street in Lake County. These issues should be addressed at the state and federal level.”

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  • Area businesses interested in sharing their views can contact the Trustees. Click on the Village Board of Trustees link on the website for a list of phone numbers and e-mails.